Buzina: Maidan devalued Hryvnia!

Writer and journalist Oles Buzina accused the Maidan, in the devaluation of the hryvnia, and the edition “Ukrainian truth” - in the publication of rumors and PR materials. In particular, writer critisezed its article “9,4 per dollar! Arbuzov and Yanukovych continue to devalue the hryvnia», the response to which was:


«We are not matchmakers and not brothers to Yanukovych and Arbuzov. But we must be blind not to see: The hryvnia is CRASHED by so-called MAIDAN and «UKRAINIAN TRUTH» as its main print-company. Thank for the fall of the hryvnia to Internet nomad Mustafa Nayem, who called the people on the streets making fools of them.


Thank for the “wild dances’ of Ruslana - she like dancing on hryvnia corpse right on Maidan. But special thanks I Express to the HONORED JOURNALIST of UKRAINE (guess WHY she deserved THIS TITLE during KUCHMA’s rule?) ALENA PRITULA, who built his career on corpse of Georgiy Gongadze speculation. Everything She (BLACK WIDOW) touches, turns into a corpse itself. First, this femme is fatale with her MANIPULATIONS: she “helped” the poor guy to die on her pages, and now sent the hryvnia to death.


Dear «foreign agents» (by the «dictatorship law») Alena Prytula and her followers, what is sad about the destiny of the hryvnia? After all, you get paid in DOLLARS?! Right?


And we are preparing an asymmetrical response to the American mercenaries, devalued the hryvnia. Soon shameless traitors and their American hosts, shall be overthrown. We also hit them in the wallet. Tomorrow read the continuation of this story».

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