Kharkov needs more janitors for its yards

Kharkov needs more janitors for its yards

Municipal enterprise “Kharkovblagoustroistvo” is hiring janitors. According to company director Catherine Slivinskaya, they have only about a half of the employees required for the work in Kharkov yards. “Of course, we want more young people, we need to increase the number of employees. But in spite of the lacking employees, we manage: people clean larger territories,” she said.

Director of the “Kharkovblagoustroistvo” reported that currently the company employs 1,700 janitors who serve in the yards of 5,700 tower blocks. About 200 employees periodically take leave, i.e. actually only 1,500 people are working. Most of Kharkov janitors (62%) are over 55 years.

According to company information, janitors are paid on average UAH 2,400 per month. They work 6 days a week, from 7am to 11am and from 1pm to 4pm. Sometimes they have to start work earlier, for example, in winter, when there is a lot of snow. On weekends, half of the employees work. Janitors have the official leave of 24 days. In addition, they are released from paying utilities and rent for 20 sq. m. of their homes.

This winter, to combat icing the Kharkov janitors received 9,000 cubic meters of sand and 700 tons of salt. As Catherine Slivinskaya noted, company employees have already used 3,500 cubic meters of sand and 247 tons of salt.

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