Azarov, Arbuzov and Klyuev have no Austrian passports, say press secretaries

Former PM Mykola Azarov, his successor Sergei Arbuzov and head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Andrei Klyuev can initiate libel action against the member of the European Parliament Rebecca Harms, who said earlier that they hold Austrian passports.

Klyuev demands Rebecca Harms “to refute the false information and reserves the right to go to court,” says Andrei Petrenko, spokesman of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. “Andrei Klyuev has Ukrainian passport, and no other passports,” quotes Petrenko the LigaBusinessInform news outlet.

Azarov’s press secretary Vitaly Lukyanenko made a similar statement: “Information regarding the passport of a citizen of Austria, as well as regarding Nikolai Azarov property and assets on the territory of this state does not correspond to reality.”

As Azarov himself wrote on his Facebook page, “I never applied to any European country with a request for passport provision. So I officially declare that the information that is now spreading in the media about me is a lie.”

Alexander Kutereschin, Arbuzov press secretary, also denies reports circulated after Harms statement.

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