Crimea reminds that the protests in the country must stop in 11 days

Crimea reminds that the protests in the country must stop in 11 days

Today Simferopol hosted a regular action by Crimean public movement “Stop Maidan”. The action aims at reminding the members of radical protests in Kiev and other regions of the country that they have 11 days to vacate the captured administrative buildings and leave the streets and squares, reports the press office of the movement.

Peaceful protest was held at the Simferopol railway station, where the movement members came with posters “Stop Maidan”, “11 days till Kiev liberation” and chanting “No to Maidan violence”.

The action was attended by representatives of the Crimea Paratroopers Union. The head of the Union Vladimir Kuzmenkov noted that the organization also supports the public movement “Stop Maidan” and calls for soonest stabilization of the social and political situation in Ukraine.

“Many people in Ukraine have already figured out what is going on in Kiev. Maidan has reached its extreme aggressive stage; we advocate that the Crimea remains free from what is happening in Kiev, under the Maidan banners. We need neither seizure of buildings nor military actions in the Crimea. Crimea is a territory of the constitutional order. Therefore, we support the “Stop Maidan” movement and participate in its actions,” said Kuzmenkov.

A law approved on February 2, releases all protesters in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities from prosecution. However, this will work only if the protesters release government buildings and the center of Kiev. They are given 15 days for this.

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