Kharkov residents don’t fret over spring flooding

Spring flooding poses no threat to Kharkov residents, said director of a municipal enterprise “Dewatering and stormwater drainage complex” Vladimir Nakagutov. He reassured the public that the city is heavily engaged in preparation for the spring floods.

According to Nakagutov, water reservoirs of the city will soon be cleared - this operation will free up space for the meltwater. In late February, the relevant services will begin creating the free space, freeing about 700-800 thousand cubic meters on Zhuravlevskiy dam and about one million cubic meters on Goncharovsky and Lozovenkovsky dams.

The specialist noted that the surface inlets that are usually shut during the winter would be cleaned when it gets warmer. This year municipal services plan to renovate runoff water systems on Klochkovska Street and near the Bursatsky descent. According to Nakagutov, these works should be done within a couple of months, given the necessary funding.

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