Devaluation of the hryvnia resulted in gasoline price rise

 Devaluation of the hryvnia resulted in gasoline price rise

According to the forecasts of Sergey Kuyun, the Director of consulting company «A-95» gasoline prices in the regions are the same as in Kiev, growth of fuel prices is expected in the capital, too. Experts explain that by the hryvna devaluation, because all contracts with importers are concluded in national currency.

"At least until the end of next week fuel will go up at least 7-10 kopecks. Then everything will depend on the hryvnia exchange rate - if it is stabilized, the growth of prices for fuel stops. If not, it will continue", says Kuyun.


A slight increase in fuel prices was recorded last week: A-80 - 10,44 to UAH 10.47 per liter, AI-92 - 10,64 up to UAH 10,81 per liter, AI-95 - 10,64 up to UAH 10,81 per liter., Dt - from 9.51 to UAH 9.59 per liter.


Another reason for the growth of gasoline prices, according to George Korolchuck, an expert of the Institute of energy strategies, fuel supply disruptions from the Mozyr oil refinery and the shortage of imported stock in Lithuania, where because of ports being frozen cargo dispatches by rail.

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