The emergency situation was canceled in the Crimea

The emergency situation was canceled in the Crimea

On February 5 the deputy head of the Crimean government Aziz Abdulaev at the session of the Regional Commission on the issues of anthropogenic and ecological security and emergency situations informed that the emergency situation, announced due to difficult weather conditions, was canceled in the Crimea.

The life support systems are fully renewed in all settlements of the republic affected by bad weather.

Specifically, electricity and water supply were completely restored in 215 and 38 settlements correspondingly, electricity supply was renewed in 234 schools and in 28 rural health posts.

Boiler rooms, systems of water, heat and gas supply began to work in the normal mode. Boiler rooms in the schools of Dzhankoy, Lenin, Pervomaysk, Saki and Chernomorsk districts are being launched.

The emergency situation in the Crimea due to difficult weather conditions was declared at the request of the head of the Crimean government Anatoliy Mogilev's on January 30. Due to the weather conditions icing formed on the aerial conductors and the electricity bearings started to fall, leaving 215 settlements without electricity in the regions of the Republic. The most affected areas are Saki, Chernomorsk, Razdolnoe and Lenin districts as well as Yevpatoria.

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