EU and US aren’t going to finance Ukraine

EU and US aren’t going to finance Ukraine

The EU and the USA have no specific plan for financial assistance to Ukraine, says the joint statement of Catherine Ashton, the President of the European Commission and the US Department of State.

Maya Kosyanchich, Ashton press secretary, commented on the statements of Ukrainian politicians about EU providing Ukraine with an impressive economic assistance in case the latter implements a constitutional reform and installs a new opposition-run pro-Western government.

“The EU talk on supporting Ukraine during the crisis means the case of both the economic and the political upheaval. If we are talking about reforms and IMF loan, the conditions required to get the financial assistance remain in force. EU says that it is able to help in a situation with very specific rules and very specific steps that need to be done,” said Kosyanchich.

Extremely sharp reaction to the situation came from European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, who said that the EU is not going to participate “in the auction for the signature of Ukraine”. “Our biggest proposal to Ukraine is, in fact, the Association Agreement. We open up for Ukraine the largest market in the world. This is a very generous offer,” he stressed.

“The approach that we have to pay something for the signing of the association agreement ... This is wrong. EU Member States have clearly stated that they are not going to take part in the auction bidding, who will pay most for the signature of Ukraine,” said the politician.

White House administration is also skeptical about the financing of Ukraine. “Nobody is going to give Ukraine the money if they don’t run economic and political reforms, because in that case the money will be put down the drain,” said a source in the US State Department to The Wall Street Journal.

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