Scotland legalized same sex marriages

Scotland legalized same sex marriages

According to the BBC, the bill about the legalization of same sex marriages was adopted on Wednesday by Scottish parliament; the first same sex weddings in the region may be held in October 2014.

"The bill was adopted by the parliament, 105 parliamentarians voted for this bill and 18 voted against. Although the decision was welcomed by the Scottish government, two largest churches of Scotland protested against the bill," the TV company informs, noting that the bill contains a provision, according to which religious organizations cannot be compelled to hold the marriage rites with homosexuals.

The British parliament approved the version of the project of the bill about same sex marriages.

During the voting for the bill organizations that protect the rights of sexual minorities held a rally in front of the parliament.

Currently, the law about same sex marriages is in force in England and Wales. The only part of Britain, where marriages between homosexuals are not recognized at the legislative level, is Northern Ireland. However, legalizing gay marriages is not on the agenda of the Northern Ireland legislative assembly for 2014.  Same sex marriages are legalized in 16 countries of the world.

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