Computers refused to register homosexuals

Computers refused to register homosexuals

The electronic database system in Great Britain refused to register same sex marriages. It will be readjusted.

Same sex marriages will be registered starting with March 29 in England and Wales.  However, the existing electronic systems of registration of marriages do not allow entering spouses of the same sex; thus, they need readjustment.

Therefore, those who want to be among the first married same-sex couples were already notified that they should make an application not later than March 13. This period of time is needed to readjust the system throughout the country.

Currently, the law about same sex marriages has force in England and Wales. It was recently adopted in Scotland, but it will come in force starting with this fall. The only part of Britain, where same sex marriages are not recognized at the legislative level, is Northern Ireland.

Same sex marriages are legalized in 16 countries of the world.

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