The workers of London subway are on strike for the fifth time

Starting from September 2013, the personnel of London subway has been on strike on a monthly basis. The reason of the strikes is staff reduction.

The Guardian reports that the regular strike began in the evening of February 4 and will last 48 hours.

The reason of the strike is dismissal of several hundred of staff of the ticket offices of the subway. Now the fares in the subway should be paid in the ticket machines. The strike was organized by the workers of London subway Rail Maritime and transport (RMT) and the transport Sаlаried Stаffs Association (TSSA).

According to agency Frаnсe-Presse, as a result of the strike several dozens of London subway stations will be closed, the rest will only limit their work during these two days. The city is already prepared to launch 100 additional buses in the streets of the city for this time.

The strike concurred with bad weather conditions: strong wind and rain is expected in Great Britain.

For example, in connection with bad weather conditions the British railway company Network Rail limited the maximum speed of trains in the southeast of the country to 40 miles per hour.

According to the estimations of London Chamber of Commerce, every day of the strike will cost approximately 50 million pounds. In general, the damage will be caused to tourist and trade organizations.

In the case, if the staff of the subway is not able to come to the agreement with the management, they are going to go for another strike the next week.

Daily London subway serves approximately 3 million passengers.

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