Social taxi service stared its work in Simferopol

Social taxi service stared its work in Simferopol

According to the secretary of Simferopol City Council Alexandr Maltsev, the first social taxi service started its work in Simferopol, which is intended to serve the participants of warfare and handicapped veterans of the World War II free of charge.

The representative of the local government noted that for the moment only one representative of the Crimean socio-responsible business, the hauler AeroTransYug, volunteered to participate in the new project.

In order to use the social taxi one should make an application to the city department of social protection of the population.

"It works according to the following scheme: the application is made, in which address and time is stated. Then the taxi arrives and takes the passenger to the destination address, after which it waits as long as needed and then takes him/her home free of charge," Maltsev noted.

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