Gagauz Autonomy wants to join the Russia's Customs Union

Gagauz Autonomy wants to join the Russia's Customs Union

Moldova's Autonomy Gagauzia will follow Transdniestria and is ready to secede from Moldova in the case of "changing the status of the Republic of Moldova as an independent state" and its accession to Romania, according to a referendum held in autonomy over the weekend despite the protests of the official Chisinau.

This Sunday Gagauzia held a double referendum - an advisory ballot on residents’ feelings about the foreign policy of Moldova, and a legislative referendum on the suspended status of Gagauzia independence. Prior to referendum, Chisinau authorities accused Gagauz Autonomy of separatism and tried to sabotage the referendum by freezing the accounts of autonomy. However, the plebiscite was held on public money and private donations.

As part of the legislative referendum, residents of the autonomy were asked to answer the question: "Do you agree to adopt the attached draft Law of Gagauzia Autonomy "On the suspended status of Gagauzia peoples’ right for external self-determination", which allows the people of Gagauzia to exercise their right to external self-determination in the case the Republic of Moldova changes its status as an independent state?"

In the consultative referendum, autonomy residents were asked two questions: "Do you agree with foreign policy vector of Moldova developing towards joining the Customs Union (Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan)?" and "Do you agree with foreign policy vector of Moldova developing towards joining the European Union?"

As a result, 98.09% of respondents voted for the deferred status of Gagauzia independence (1.9% - against), 98.47% - for the accession to the Customs Union (1.52% - against), 2.77 % - for EU accession (97.22% - against). The turnout was 70.42%. Moldova authorities called the referendum "illegal", saying they are determined to prevent such events in other parts of the country.

This year, Moldova authorities plan to sign approved in November 2013 Association Agreement with the EU. Meanwhile, the largest force in the country - the Communist Party, as well as the Transdniestria authorities, are against rapprochement with the EU. Now, Gagauzia has also become anti-European foothold.

This week Gagauzia authorities intend to call an extraordinary congress of deputies of all levels and convocations in order to endorse the referendum and to adopt a declaration demanding the government of Moldova to take into account the results of the referendum in the foreign policy.

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