In Russia's Omsk children were forbidden to read Dreiser

Omsk Pushkin's Public Library refused to give teenagers and children the works of US writer Theodore Dreiser. Librarians argued their refusal citing some "age limits" that apply to the books of the US author.

Library management stressed that employees who refused to give children the books acted strictly according to instructions - the library referred to the Federal law, the recommendations of the Russian Library Association and applicable local orders.

According to librarians, age limits are imposed by a special panel working in the library. The library failed to explain what criteria is used in classification of the fund.

This is not the first time when Russian schoolchildren being denied access to classical literature. In November 2013, the regional prosecutor sought to withdraw from the school libraries of Stavropol Territory the works of Sergei Yesenin and Vladimir Nabokov as they are "incompatible with the objectives of the educational process" and contain sensuality and mystique. Later, the prosecutor's office called this requirement a private opinion of senior assistant to the regional prosecutor, who was soon dismissed.

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