The EU is responsible for the political crisis in Ukraine, - Lech Walesa

Former Polish President Lech Walesa blames the European Union in the political crisis in Ukraine, the outcome of which will be early elections. «I am convinced that victory would go to the current President,» said Walesa.


The politician said that the situation in Ukraine is much easier than in Poland in 1989. Here everything depends on the nation.


«The protesters can shout as much as they want, but we must take into account the fact is the President was elected in a democratic way, therefore, He can be removed from service only in a democratic way, the way of re-election,» said the ex-President of Poland.


Agreeing with the opinion of Lech Walesa, the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk, predicting Ukraine exacerbation of the conflict, after the loss of Viktor Yanukovych's presidential powers, anarchy in the country, the influx of Ukrainian refugees in EU countries, as well as the collapse of political and economic cooperation of Ukraine and Russia.

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