Gerega opened Kiev City Council meeting in Pechersk Administration building (PHOTO)

Gerega opened Kiev City Council meeting in Pechersk Administration building (PHOTO)

Galina Gerega, Secretary of the Kiev City Council, opened the Council meeting in the building of Pechersk Borough State Administration.

According to our correspondent, of 77 of the 120 council members are present at the meeting.

Outside the Pechersk Borough Administration there are several hundred of Maidan activists. However, they do not try to storm the building.

The city council meeting is attended by People’s Deputies from opposition, Andrei Il’enko, Yuri Odarchenko, Eduard Leonov, and others.

The meeting is also attended by the head of Kyiv City State Administration Volodymyr Makeenko, as well as by the heads of Kiуv Boroughs.

The voting procedure has been modified, said Secretary of the Kiev City Council Galina Gerega.

The Deputies' proposals on amendments to the budget have already been entered, while the comments received during the discussion will be addressed in the final version of the document during the voting.

According to the regulations, the draft budget gets a first reading and then, after dedicated panels take into account comments and additions of the deputies, the draft budget is submitted for approval on the following reading.

Since the Budget Code specifies that local governments approve their budget no later than 2 weeks after the state budget, the last day for such approval is Tuesday, February 4. Therefore, Kiev City Council will consider and adopt the budget using a simplified procedure - in one reading. Such an option is legal according to Pt.16, Article 38 of City Council Regulations.

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