Lugansk region cordoned off for quarantine

Lugansk region cordoned off for quarantine

More than 100 pigs have been burned up using napalm; the owners will get a compensation, authorities announced quarantine. The reason - African swine fever.

Six dead pigs were discovered on the private farming plot in Davydo-Nikolsky village of Krasnodon district. Sergey Cherepahin, head of Krasnodon District State Administration, confirmed that the animals died from the ASF virus. “Study of the biomaterial confirmed that this is the African swine fever virus. We organized quarantine posts in the region and identified a 10-kilometer risk zone around the Davydo-Nikolsky village where the veterinary services and police monitor the situation. All pigs in the village, 126 in total, are already destroyed. They were burned with napalm; the owners will get compensation at the average market price. We earmarked UAH 150,000 for this,” quotes the official the “Today” newspaper.

Davydo-Nikolsky village will be quarantined for at least 40 days. Currently trucks are not allowed in or out of the village, except for emergency vehicles. According to Sergei Cherepahin, employees of veterinary monitoring service are taking samples around the households. “If we confirm that the there are no more focal points, then we will allow exit and entry for local transport and vehicles with food products, but only after special treatment,” said Cherepahin.

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