The U.S. maintained a dialogue with the EU concerning financial aid to Ukraine

According to a press-secretary of the State Department Jen Psaki, the US and the EU have decided to combine their efforts to provide financial aid to Ukraine. As it turned out, discussions are preliminary, as yet there is no arrangements with the International Monetary Fund. In addition, Psaki focused on the necessity of the change of government in Ukraine.


«The decision on help will be based on the development of events in the country and, following discussion with the new government that will be formed there», summarized Psaki.


In Wall Street Journal there was a line about «a lot of money» that will be provided to Ukraine to «fix the financial and economic situation in the country». The well-known edition quoted Catherine Ashton, EU representative for foreign affairs and security policy on the allocation of funds to Kiev, they are to be held in case of a long-term agreement with the IMF and carrying out political and economic reforms.

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