Lvov wants to refuse from paying taxes

The committee of entrepreneurs of Lvov region called on businessmen to stop paying taxes to the state budget.

"Our money is used to finance the activities of the sub-units, buy the means and weapons for dispersal and shooting of the peaceful rallies and demonstrations throughout Ukraine. Stop feeding the group of state treasury robbers and criminals, who laid their hands on  power, brought the economy of the country to devastation, continue to rob the entire Ukrainian people shamelessly and drive our children into the debt yoke," the statement of the organization noted.

The regional committee of entrepreneurs calls on "to suspend the payment of taxes to the state budget until the "national confidence government" is formed.

"If there is no legitimate authority, then there are no taxes," says the statement of the entrepreneurs of Lvov .

In response to this decision the users of social networks recommend the residents of Lvov to fund their own schools, universities, kindergartens, public services and educational institutions themselves, as well as to announce the location of the offices, where the civil servants will be able to receive their wages.

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