US Navy 6 Fleet entered the Black Sea

US Navy 6 Fleet entered the Black Sea

Today, naval group consisting of command ship USS Mount Whitney and GM destroyer USS Ramage entered the Black Sea.

Earlier in the Pentagon stated that the ships would enter "within the standard military planning for security during the Olympic Games in Sochi". However, currently the course is laid in such a way that the ships are moving towards the Black Sea coast of Ukraine.

In August 2008, USS Mount Whitney was the first NATO ship to deliver humanitarian aid to the port of Poti (Georgia) during the conflict in South Ossetia. On this occasion, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed their concerns and doubts about the humanitarian nature of the mission.

On November 6, 2008, the same ship was unable to enter Sevastopol due to anti-NATO protests held in the city by Russian-speaking population. Later still ship entered the port, but the crew could not leave for the city because of the actions of protesters.

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