Carpatho-Russians formed “anti-bandery” headquarters

Carpatho-Russians formed “anti-bandery” headquarters

Transcarpathian centre of the Ukrainian Front is emerging from the Carpatho-Russians movement. Over 50% of respondents supported the creation in Kharkov of the Ukrainian (anti-bandery) Front; they also supported the intention of the Carpatho-Russians movement to join the Ukrainian Front.

The Bureau of the Carpatho-Russians movement said it will defend itself against extremists and fascists, and Transcarpathia - from the Civil War, and decided to help the Ukrainian government to restore constitutional order in Transcarpathia.

The “Transcarpathian Center” believes that the Carpatho-Russians movement should begin forming “anti-bandery” coalition in Transcarpathia.

At the World Congress of Carpatho-Russians in Pardubice (Czech Republic) in April 2009, Carpatho-Russians clearly indicated they want to develop towards Russia and the Eurasian Union.

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