Bondarenko freely entered the US

Bondarenko freely entered the US

People's Deputy from the Party of Regions Elena Bondarenko entered the US using diplomatic passport, which invalidates the recent statements about US sanctions against her circulated by certain journalists.

The lawmaker said that she visits the US on an official invitation to the annual Prayer Breakfast with the US President. Her schedule also includes meetings with other officials. According to Elena Bondarenko, "there were no obstructions from the border and customs control of the country."

She appealed to all media that stated quite categorically about the alleged US sanctions against her: "Find the courage and admit that you have been cheated and that via your media the readers, viewers and listeners have been deceived. I hope that those who reported about the alleged sanctions against me will also inform that this is untrue, that it was just "informational noise".

"I consider this provocation was an attempt to put pressure on me as the politician, to reduce my efficiency. Just opposite was achieved: I am stronger, my confidence has increased," summed up Elena Bondarenko.

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