Police: We are being hampered in the investigation of the case of Bulatov

Police: We are being hampered in the investigation of the case of Bulatov

The Ministry of the Internal Affairs (MVD) stated that police is being hampered in quick investigation of the case of allegedly kidnapped leader of Automaidan Dmitriy Bulatov.

"The law enforcement officers are practically deprived of the possibility to obtain evidence quickly, which would have helped to investigate this notorious crime fast," the head of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Nikolay Chinchin stated.

Chinchin noted that at that time Bulatov was in the hospital and access of the investigators was impossible at that moment.

"Investigators wanted to talk with the victim several times but every time either people's deputies or doctors impeded them," the police stated.

According to the head of the department, such actions may indicate the desire to delay the investigation, as well as indicate that opposition is not interested in the results.

"The crime scene investigation team was not called to the place where Bulatov was found; the police received the message about this crime when Bulatov was in the hospital. We did not manage to hold investigative actions with the victim either yesterday or today. We do not have his testimony, the description of his kidnappers, information about the circumstances of the crime," Nikolay Chinchin emphasized.

The deputy head of the investigative department of the main directorate of the MVD of Ukraine in Kiev region Grigoriy Mamaka stated that the activist of Automaidan refused from being questioned about his kidnapping even in the presence of a lawyer.

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