Kharkov groundhog predicts late spring and hot summer

Kharkov groundhog predicts late spring and hot summer

Today, on February 1, Kharkov groundhog Timka traditionally forecasted the weather. The forecast was commented by Victor Tokarskiy, Head of the Biological Station of Kharkov Karazin's National University located in Gaydary village of Zmievsky district.

"It will be cold. February will be cold, March - cold, in April you will need to quickly seed and plant because summer will come fast," declared Tokarskiy.

Tatiana Atimasova, assistant professor of biology and animal zoology at the university explained that the spring will be late if the groundhog sees its shadow. On February 1 weather was sunny, so the spring will come no earlier than in six weeks. It will be cold, and then quickly superseded by the hot weather.

During the ceremony, the chief of the biological station reported that, as promised last year, they found a couple for Timka the groundhog. As a result, the couple had a baby, which, unlike his father with a light fur, has darker fur shade. The baby hog was entrusted with harvest prediction. Before it, experts put in several baskets put forest strobile, fruits, berries, vegetables and grains. It is believed that the product that attracts the groundhog will give a good harvest. The baby groundhog reached for strobile - so, there will be problems with harvest.

The Groundhog Day is celebrated at the University's biological station since 2004; Timka the Second predicts the weather since 2010. The weather in Ukraine also forecasted by groundhog Mishka, Lvov resident.

Every year on February 2, the world celebrates the Groundhog Day.

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