“Maidan Security” bullied one more policeman

“Maidan Security” bullied one more policeman

One more policeman has been released from the Kiev City Administration building seized by the so-called “Maidan Security”. The policeman now hospitalized with multiple injuries.

According to PR Department of the Ministry of Interior, police Major was taken by the protesters on the evening of January 31 while on duty at the Independence Square.

“At first the plainclothes detective was beaten, then they led him to the Kiev City Administration building. There, protesters confiscated from the policeman the service ID and personal belongings, while continuing hitting, says the Interior Ministry. “During the bullying was present Yuri Levchenko, former parliamentary candidate from "Svoboda” party. He calmly watched the incident without trying to stop the bullying.”

At the moment, the policeman has been released and hospitalized with closed craniocerebral injury, concussion, contusion of the kidney.

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