Nobel Peace Prize - Ashton or Snowden?

EU Parliament factions nominated Edward Snowden, whistle-blower on the US intelligence and Catherine Ashton, head of the EU diplomacy, for 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, said on Friday EP representatives.

The lawmakers nominated Ashton for her efforts in establishing relations between Serbia and the self-proclaimed Kosovo; she has been nominated together with Serbia Prime Minister Ivica Dacic and the head of the Kosovo government Hashim Thaci. Head of the Socialist faction Hannes Swoboda explained his choice by stating that the Nobel Prize would be "not only a reward for the progress, but also a motivation, perhaps the final push necessary for the lasting peace".

In turn, the "green" fraction nominated Snowden, saying that his revelations "have promoted democratic values and global awareness of our interdependence and interconnection, which are a condition for universal peace".

The socialists and "greens" are not the first to nominate Snowden and Ashton. Earlier, a former Norwegian minister put forward Snowden candidacy, while the US Congress nominated Ashton, Dacic and Thaci. Even so, members of the EU Parliament are unsure that their candidates will make it to the official list of the Nobel Committee.

"Rules for compiling the list of nominees are not quite clear to us. As we understand, members of organizations that previously received the Nobel Prize make suggest the nominees. Last date for submission of applications is February 1, so in the nearest future we hope to learn the unofficial list of nominees, but, again, there will be no official list," learned RIA Novosti news agency at the EP.

The European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012, for a 60-year contribution of the EU and its predecessors to promoting peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.

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