"Right sector" and other Maidan "hawks" also want to join the talks

"Right sector" and other Maidan "hawks" also want to join the talks

Association "Right Sector" and "Afghan Veterans" speaking on behalf of all the "security structures" of Maidan have requested participation in talks between authorities and the opposition. The corresponding statement was made on the air of "Radio Liberty".

According to the protesters, the talks between opposition and the government are ineffective and could lead to civil war in Ukraine.

"We, "Right Sector", "Afghan Veterans" and other security structures of Maidan appeal to the authorities and the opposition to resume the talks and to include us into the talks," said one of the leaders of the "Right Sector" Dmitry Yarosh.

According to him, the talks should start before February 4 - before the deadline, given by the "Right sector" to the authorities to release the arrested rebels. If the government fails to follow the demand, the association is ready to go into action. In the case of amnesty, representatives of the association will be withdrawn from barricades at Hrushevskoho Street to Maidan.

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