CSKA (Moscow) defeated Metallist (Kharkov) by penalty shootout

CSKA (Moscow) defeated Metallist (Kharkov) by penalty shootout

On January 30 the football club Metallist (Kharkov) was defeated by CSKA (Moscow) during the first match of the unofficial tournament The United Super Cup. The winner was revealed in the series of penalty shootout.

The main time of the match ended with no scores. In the series of penalty the current champion of Russia proved to be better than the team of Kharkov. Russians scored all four penalties, and the Kharkov team scored only two goals. Marco Devic and Diego Souza could not beat the goalkeeper of CSKA.

"We gathered all together only a week ago. Taking into consideration this fact we could not count on a good physical preparation. Unfortunately, Javier has not joined us yet, and Sosa, as you know, has recently joined Athletico (Madrid). It is a great loss for us, and we still have not purchased another player to replace him. I hope that, by the beginning of the Championship of Ukraine we will purchase one or two players, to prepare as much as possible for the difficult games. And speaking about today's game, I must say that it was very good for a winter game, and to some extent I am satisfied with my team. Today we had a good sparring," the main manager of Metallist Miron Markevich noted.

According to the regulations of The United Super Cup both teams gained one score for a draw. CSKA received another score for the victory in the penalty series. At this moment Shakhter (Donetsk) takes the leading position in the tournament, which beat Zenit (Saint Petersburg).

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