The Right Sector has a claim on a part of Poland

The Right Sector has a claim on a part of Poland

The press-secretary of this right radical group Andreiy Tarasenko in his interview to the Polish mass media RzeczPospolita declared that Poland should give to Ukraine Peremyshl and some other regions.

"It will be fair if Poland gives Peremyshl and a few more regions to Ukraine," he declared.

Tarasenko also doubts the fact of mass killing of Polish civilians by the Ukrainian nationalists under the leadership of Stepan Bandera, on which Poland insists.

He commented the slaughter in Volyn as follows: "This is nonsense. Having studied the history of Ukrainian Insurgent Army thoroughly, I know that this is simply not true. Yes, Bandera advocated the use of radical methods, but all methods are applicable for the fight with an occupant, especially, when this occupant does not want to leave your land."

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