The opposition refuses from amnesty for the participants of Maidan

The opposition refuses from amnesty for the participants of Maidan

According to the law, adopted on January 31, the demonstrators are released in exchange for vacation of the captured state institutions. The leaders of the opposition fear that Maidan will break up with the amnesty.

On Thursday Verkhovna Rada after long debates adopted the law about amnesty for all the participants of the street clashes. The author of the law is the permanent representative of the President in Verkhovna Rada, the deputy from the Party of Regions Yuriy Miroshnichenko. According to the document the demonstrators have to release the captured state institutions in Kiev and in the regions of the country in 15 days.

However, the opposition stated that it refuses to fulfill the conditions of the law. The leader of the parliamentary group Batkivshchyna Arseniy Yatsenyk stated that "with the help of this law the government is trying to shut down Maidan". In his turn, the leader of the group Svoboda Oleg Tyagnybok declared that "Maidan will not break up."

The Party of Regions noted that if the opposition does not fulfill its part of the deal, stipulated by the law about the amnesty adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine on Wednesday, hundreds of people may be brought to court for committing unlawful acts, and the leaders of the opposition will have it on their conscience.

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