Violence and abuse of the law should be stopped - head of Kiev Regional Administration

Violence and abuse of the law should be stopped - head of Kiev Regional Administration

Head of Kiev Regional State Administration Anatoliy Prysyazhnyuk urged EuroMaidan protesters to show tolerance and calmness during demonstrations in Kiev.

He stated this during a round table on discussion of social and political issues in the country. “My position is clear. Violence and abuse of the law should be stopped. This is why we’re sitting at the round table. And the President of Ukraine was first to suggest the way out of the situation. The Prime Minister decided to hand in the resignation. For the sake of peace and order in the state, the President accepted this resignation. The Ukrainian parliament adopted the bill on amnesty and during the negotiation process proposed the options for Constitutional reforms. These steps, I repeat, were made by the authorities. As you know, yesterday there was a meeting of the parliament which repealed the laws adopted on 16 January,” said Prisyazhnyuk.

According to him, now the sides debate on the adopted amnesty law.

“But I am convinced that each pardoned must go through the court and should be released by the court, rather than by a decision of illegitimate councils. The main threat of such an amnesty is that the people who could have been involved in killings might roam around the people who were simply pardoned. The law also specifies deblocking of the government institutions. It now needs to be done immediately. Because the issues of vital functions and regional security must be resolved in real time,” said the chair of Kiev Regional Administration.

He also added that it is quite hard to perform economic functions in confrontation.

“I want to assure all residents of the Kiev region that we operate in standard mode. All the bodies perform their functions. Regretfully, today we are confronted with the revolutionary creativity of the masses, as classics said, rather than with the political opposition. From history, we know that such creativity is very broad. From peaceful protests to riots there is but one step. I do not want Ukraine's recent history to record this kind of creativity,” said Prisyazhnyuk.

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