Authorities will not use force to stop the confrontation - the Speaker

Authorities will not use force to stop the confrontation - the Speaker

The authorities will not use force to stop the confrontation and conflict in the state, said Volodymyr Rybak, the Speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, talking to the media on Thursday.

Rybak also said he is confident there will be no state of emergency in Ukraine.

“With regard to the state of emergency, this issue was not considered at any meetings, at any level. I know for sure, there can be no state of emergency,” said the Speaker.

Head of the Parliament also said that he already signed the approved at the extraordinary session bill on the amnesty for protesters, “Because people are suffering”. However, he stressed that he has done everything possible for the bill to be worded in such a way “that it would be supported by all factions, so that the people may be released,” but all the same, “politics started swaying”.

Rybak said that there was an agreement with the opposition on stopping the seizure of all administrative buildings, “meaning the regional administrations and local self-government, because they have to work”. They also spoke about unblocking the Hrushevskoho Street in Kiev and earlier blocked streets where there are no peaceful protests.

“Regarding the Independence Square - it has been deleted from this list, because people have the right to peaceful protest and no one will touch Maidan,” said Rybak. Because of the severe frost, the protesters can keep for now the House of Trade Unions and the October Palace, as well as tents on the Kreschatyk Street.

Answering journalists' questions, Rybak zoomed in on the provisions of the law.

Head of the Parliament does not rule out that “the adopted law wouldn’t regulate the situation at 100%,” - “but we must move toward each other, solving challenges without violence and bloodshed.”

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