Kiev residents to dismantle the barricades

Kiev residents to dismantle the barricades

Once again, some of Kiev residents plan to start dismantling the EuroMaidan barricades. As event organizer, Ivan Protsenko, reported in Facebook, the movement “Kiev residents for clean city” plans to organize a large peaceful rally on February 1.

“It is time to finish the riots and invasion of arrogant intruders, organized and financed by foreign instructors, into the capital and throughout the territory of our country. Having the loyal attitude of the legitimate authority, the “peaceful demonstrators” - mercenaries and extremists - instigated chaos and riots not only in the capital but also throughout Ukraine. To banish the impostors once and for all, to show the will of the people of Ukraine and to restore order in the capital and cities, we need to go outside,” wrote Ivan Protsenko.

According to him, the activists will disassemble “obstructions that are so pompously called the barricades.”

Protsenko urged residents of all regions to join the action.

Earlier, Ivan Protsenko already organized several similar actions. However so far the activists failed to dismantle the barricades, being prevented by EuroMaidan protesters.

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