Turkey is ready to put a claim for the Crimea in case of division of Ukraine

Turkey is ready to put a claim for the Crimea in case of division of Ukraine

All the discussions about the country's division are senseless without tearing the Crimea away from Ukraine. "In case the script of the split of Ukraine is implemented, Turkey will put a claim for the Crimea," the correspondent of "Hürriyete" (one of the most respectable periodical of the country) writes.

According to the Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca dated April 19, 1783, Turkey may put a claim for the peninsula in case of an attempt of the third party to occupy the peninsula or in case of the intention of the Crimea to declare independence," Nerdun Khadzhyoglu writes.

Such a possibility appeared in 1991, but then the President of Turkey Turgut Ozal actually exchanged the Crimea "headache" for the restoration of the rights of the Crimean and Tatar minority.

Thus, this is a hint for Moscow, but not for Kiev.

The fact is that the technology of Moscow to renew the empire is not in the physical seizures, but in the recognition of the independence of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and in the non-formal recognition of Pridnestrovie. If the authorities of the Crimea will do so, and if any bold decisions of the Council of the Federation will appear, with the hints on the Pskov landing force division, one should not forget:  we are not living in 1944, when the poverty-ridden Turkey, fearing Stalin occupation, was silently observing the deportations of Turkic peoples of the Caucasus and the Crimea...

Least of all I hope that other countries will help ... but they will not interfere. If the army that barely succeeded in the Georgian operation in 2008 is ready to challenge one of the most powerful armies of NATO, well... Moreover, one should realize that, unlike Europe, where everybody is hysterical about the universal peace and pacifism, in Turkey people are not conscience-stricken while usage of military force.

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