Territorial communities suffer the most from political confrontation - Kharkov Regional Council

Territorial communities suffer the most from political confrontation - Kharkov Regional Council

The community rather than officials or People's Deputies suffer most in the conflict-ridden regions where local governments cannot fully function, notes Sergey Chernov, Chairman of the Kharkov Regional Council, president of the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils.

“The situation is very diverse, in some regions it has been reduced to absurdity. There are regions where the situation hot and the local authorities cannot carry out their duties. I would like the people hearing this to understand. They are doing wrong; I cannot use other wording, to all territorial community rather than to employees of local government, or the deputies. For local government decides on the issues of territorial communities, provides funding for programs, payment of wages to budget workers and vulnerable people,” said Sergey Chernov.

The official stressed that amid the political crisis he appeals to the heads of local governments, regardless of whether they are in the east, north, west or south of our country: “We have had, are having and will have mutual understanding. We have always gathered for discussion of issues and problems, especially the development of regions and local authorities. And always, even with different views, we found the solutions that unite us, we took appropriate decisions.”

The Chairman of the Regional Council said, “There is only one formula - the round table, talks, there may be different points of view, but it can be done transparently, via TV broadcast, if civil society does not trust to either side, only using parliamentary route, only by dialog we can get out of this situation. On the street, we will never solve the issues that may be solved by politicians, civil society representatives in the office or at the negotiating table.”

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