Kharkov deputies of the Party of Regions came to the session of the Regional Council wearing black T-shirts with the inscription "Berkut"

The chair of Kharkov Regional Council Sergey Chernov stated that the authorities of the region and of Kharkov will do everything to prevent escalation of violence in the region and ensure stable operation of industrial companies, budgetary institutions and organizations.

"The course of events, which are happening today outside Kharkov region, indicates that the line of current laws and moral principles was long stepped over: every day we receive information about murdered police officers. By the way, young policemen have families and children. According to the latest information, during the political confrontation 1,500 police officers were injured, more than 300 have serious injuries, unfortunately, there are dead as well. I think that this political confrontation is not worth a single human life," Sergey Chernov addressed the deputies.

The deputies of the Kharkov Regional Council observed a minute of silence to commemorate perished law enforcement officers and civilians.

The deputies of the Regional Council, who belong to the faction of the Party of Regions, were wearing T-shirts with the inscription "Berkut" for today's session, expressing in such a way their support of the actions directed at maintaining public order in the state.

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