Parubiy: Opposition doesn’t agree with the Miroshnichenko’s bill

Opposition leaders are against the compromise. The next mass action is preparing.

According to Andrey Parubiy, the member of the bloc Our Ukraine - People's Self-defense” (OU-PS), the opposition does not intend to comply with the terms of the bill by Yury Myroshnichenko (PR) on amnesty of the participants of the protest. Thus, the demonstrators won’t release administration buildings and leave the Maidan, only increasing security against the crackdown.


At the same time, the author of the bill Yuriy Miroshnichenko argued that force methods to free the administrations from rebelled won’t be provided.


«Now I'm heading to Maidan, to the people, where we will together continue to protect it,» said the commandant of the Maidan Парубий.

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