Kharkov region will find opportunities to work with whatever Cabinet

President of Ukraine offered Verkhovna Rada a new Cabinet of Ministers. For its part, the leadership of the Kharkov region will make every effort for the joint work with the new government to be maximum effective for the region, said today during a press briefing Mikhail Dobkin, Head of Kharkov Regional State Administration. According to him, everything will depend on the specific people who will be included in the Cabinet.

“To protect the interests of our region, I do not need to work only with those who hold same opinions as me or carry same party membership card in the pocket. I'm ready to use any legal means to persuade any Minister, if they will have a prejudice against the Kharkov region, to do as is beneficial to our territorial community. During the work as the Mayor of Kharkov, I have gained a lot of experience in working with maximum biased to us government. Nevertheless, we managed to “gnaw out”, as they say, the funding from Kiev. I hope that now the situation will be different,” said the governor.

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