Minister of Culture of Ukraine: Revolution hurts culture

Culture Minister Leonid Novohatko shared his opinion about losses entailed by cultural institutions in Kiev and other major Ukrainian cities because of the protests associated with EuroMaidan.

Novohatko called the events on Independence Square a “nightmarish dream” that “we will all remember when all these events are over”.

The Minister is concerned about the situation in the Ukrainian House where, according to Novohatko, “there are 250,000 items stored from the Museum of Kiev History”.

“When we discovered that the protesters seized the building and are removing the soldiers of internal troops from it, museum workers went to the Ukrainian House and were the first to get into the museum store to evaluate the state of the museum fund. As we found out later, none of the items of the Ukrainian House storage is missing.”

Novohatko also said that the situation is difficult in the National Art Museum of Ukraine located on the Hrushevskoho Street. According to him, the keepers were forced to remove the paintings from the first and second floors of the museum, moving them to the repository.

According to the Minister, cultural heritage database of the local department of culture was damaged during the assault on the Cherkassy Regional State Administration.

“It kept all the passports for all cultural heritage items of the area, which had been accumulating for decades, since the Soviet era. Including projects, documents for the repair and restoration of items to be renovated for the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko. It will be hard to recover these.”

Culture Minister also said that the protests mean losses for Kiev and Lvov theaters and the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. According to Novohatko estimates, over one month these institutions suffered losses of about 2 million UAH.

“Uncollected revenues in cultural institutions in central Kiev are about 2 million UAH. Because of this, the institutions are unable to pay utility bills,” laments the Minister.

According to him, some of the institutions either are closed or have lower flow of visitors, because people are simply afraid to go out at night.

“In particular, only 160 tickets were sold for one of the performances on the Small Stage of the Franco Theater, and there were only about fifty spectators. In other case, about 220 tickets were sold for one of the Philharmonic concerts, of these about 20 people returned tickets on the eve of the event, but only 48 people were present in the audience,” said Novohatko.

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