In 2013, Ukraine tops the 20-yrs record on completed real estate projects

In 2013, Ukraine construction companies completed about 11 million square meters of housing, which could be a record for the last 20 years; the record holder is Kiev, reported Acting Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Vilkul according to his press office.

According Vilkul, the volume of completed housing exceeds pre-crisis levels of 2007 and 2008, when Ukraine experienced a construction boom, and may exceed the 1994 figures, when over 10.1 million square meters were commissioned.

“These results were achieved due to new real estate projects (apartment buildings and towerblocks), as well as due to intensified construction of earlier suspended housing projects,” says Vilkul.

Most of the real estate was commissioned in Kiev (1,500,000 sq. m.), as well as in the Kiev region (1,320,000), Crimea (945,000), Odessa (700,000) and Lviv (620,000).

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