The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine advises against going to Romania due to snowfalls

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) advises the citizens of Ukraine, who are going for a trip to Romania, to postpone their trip as extremely difficult weather conditions persist there, caused by heavy snowfalls and increase of wind.

According to the MID, because of large snowdrifts the settlements are blocked in Romania. The state of emergency was announced in the districts Vrancha, Brăila and Buzau. Military units and rescue services are involved to provide assistance to the population.

Most roads in the Southern and Eastern regions of the country, including individual sections of the main European arterial highway E-85 "Siret-Bucharest" function with significant limitations.

"The MID recommends to reconsider your plans regarding the trips to this country unless emergency till normalization of the situation," the statement of the MFA says.

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