Sergey Bubka called on to settle the situation in the country by peaceful negotiations

According to the appeal of Sergey Bubka on the official website of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, the president of the National Olympic Committee, the Olympic champion and the Hero of Ukraine Sergey Bubka called on the Ukrainians to settle the socio-political situation in the country by means of peaceful negotiations.

According to the president of the National Olympic Committee, at all times on the eve and for the duration of the Olympic games all the military actions were stopped, and it should be a good example for the Ukrainian authorities and the opposition.

"We all want peace. On the eve of the Olympic Games, and for the period when they were held all wars were stopped. Therefore, I would like peace in our country and not only during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. We all love our country, we wish our country well and well-being for everybody. And we extremely need the Olympic truce. And if the peace is bought about for 16 days of the Olympic Games, so why not keep it forever," Sergey Bubka stressed.

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