Pecherskiy Court refused to release Igor Markov

Pecherskiy District Court of Kiev dismissed a motion to release Igor Markov from custody.

The defense of the arrested former people's deputy Igor Markov filed a motion for his release from custody in connection with completion of the pre-trial investigation.

According to our correspondent, the motion was filed in connection with the fact that the pre-trial investigation of the case of Markov, who was accused of attacking the Ukrainian nationalist in 2007, was finished and the materials were sent to court.

The representatives of the prosecution insisted on retaining Igor Markov in custody during the investigation, as, in their opinion, he could interfere with investigation and exert pressure on witnesses.

As reported, Igor Markov, the leader of the party Rodina, was arrested for involvement in the beating of participants of the picket in Odessa in 2007.

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