Scotland gains virtual independence

Scotland continues to prepare for a referendum on secession from the United Kingdom. Now that the country will have its own domain zone - .scot, writes The Telegraph.

A non-profit organization “Dot Scot Registry” for several years sought registration of the domain zone .scot for websites that are currently being forced to register with and .com addresses. Finally, the agreement with international regulators has been reached and the Internet zone will start operating this summer.

The Scottish Government welcomes the own domain, calling this a method of self-determination for the entire nation.

“The .scot domain zone is long overdue in this digital age. Scots around the world waited patiently for this incredibly beautiful domain and will soon be able to use it to express their choice,” said Prime Minister Alex Salmond.

Obviously, Scottish government will adopt the .scot domain for its preparations for the independence referendum, to be held in September.

Experts believe that the outcome of the referendum cannot be predicted. For a long time, polls showed that most Scots prefer to remain a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. However, recent data show that opinions are divided about equally. The referendum will be held in September 2014.

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