Sevastopol “Ultras” do not support EuroMaidan

Fans of Sevastopol football clubs claim that the declaration on their behalf was submitted by the administration of the web site, there were no general meeting or discussion on the issue.

The statement on Sevastopol fans supporting EuroMaidan is fake. The relevant note has been published on the page “Ultras Sevastopol Wear”. The note says that the administration of the page exceeded its powers by publishing a statement without approving the text and content with the Ultras, reports “Ukrainska Pravda” newspaper.

As “Champion” publication has learned, “this appeal was seen as made on behalf of the “Sevastopol” Ultras movement, but this information is false and does not reflect the real situation.”

While the reporting group “is not the official voice of Sevastopol Ultra, but only reflects the views and expectations of the administration of the group.”

“We want to emphasize that to date there were no meetings, discussions, and, accordingly, there is no general consensus about our attitude to what is happening. Some individuals from among the ultras will join such events, they are entitled to this as citizens of Ukraine, and are we are confident that they will do it solely on peaceful grounds,” a source said to the “Champion” publication.

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