A priest got lushed up senseless

On returning from EuroMaidan, priest of Ukrainian Orthodox Church started gunfire in his house in Markovka village, Poltava region.

On January 27, Kobelyatsky police department received a call from the deputy head of Svoboda party branch, who said that the priest's house in Markovka village has been attacked by hired thugs (known as titushki). The priest, who had recently returned from EuroMaidan, shoot back at them from his own house.

The investigation team headed by the Chief of the District Police Department went out to the crime scene. The representative of the Svoboda party who reported on the incident decided to travel along with the police as the priest as the priest has usually been representing their interests.

At the scene, it was revealed that the 51-year-old man is drunk and randomly shoots inside his own home. He did not even recognize the representative of the political party who tried to persuade him to calm down and surrender his weapon. In response, the drunken priest twice fired at the door form his rifle.

Given his inadequate state and fearing severe consequences, police officers decided against storming the house and waited for the host to sober up and adequately assess the situation. In parallel, the representative of the political party tried to persuade the priest to surrender the weapon.

In the morning, about seven o'clock, the priest finally was persuaded to pass over the TOZ-66 rifle and go with the police for questioning. Following the incident, the police initiated criminal proceedings on the grounds of Paragraph 4, Article 296 of the Criminal Code (“disorderly conduct using weapons”).

Now the detainee tries to explain his misconduct to the investigator. This kind of offense entails imprisonment for three to seven years.

According to neighbors, after returning recently from EuroMaidan in Kiev, the priest got drunk with one of the local drinkers and started shooting “the enemies”.

The incident has been reported by the press-center of the Regional Department of the Interior Ministry.

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