Shootout started in the building of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy

An attempt to remove the activists of Obscheye Delo organization, who have recently occupied it, is being undertaken. It is not clear who participates in the face-off from the other side. Shootout is ongoing in the premises, grenades are thrown back and forth. A group of people, who attempt to penetrate the building, claim to have a deputy order of clearing the building.

It has not been possible to clarify who issued the order because the defenders started pouring water on the attackers from the balcony of the fifth floor. Now the building of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy is cordoned off and nobody is admitted inside. However, it is possible to leave the building; there are wounded inside. An ambulance has been called; a priest is present at the spot. The activists of Obscheye Delo were not informed of the arrangement, when the representatives of Maidan defense committee and Svoboda from one side and the government representatives from another appeared.

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