The EU called on to put on trial those responsible for violence in Ukraine

During the summit Russia-EU the Head of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy called on the government to put on trial those responsible for the acts of violence in Ukraine.

“We strongly condemn all acts of violence and believe that it has no place in a state governed by the rule of law. Here the leadership of the country bears particular responsibility, which we call on to implement measures to prevent further acts of violence. We call on to hand over the people, guilty of the current events, to justice, as well as to regulate the dialog with the opposition and the civil society,” parliamentarian said.

According to Jose Manuel Barroso, the Chair of the European Commission, use of force would only result in worsening of the crisis situation in the country.

In addition, abrogation of the package of laws dated January 16 was approved by the representatives of the European Union.

"Today Verkhovna Rada abrogated the laws adopted on January 16. This concession together with the adoption of the law about amnesty will be an important step towards removal of tension in the current situation and implementation of the follow-up steps towards the political dialog and settlement of the crisis," Barroso stated on Tuesday in Brussels at the press-conference at the end of the summit Russia-EU.

Let us remind, the one-day negotiations of Vladimir Putin with the European parliamentarians were held in Brussels.  One of the hottest topics was the unfavorable situation in Ukraine.

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