Gennady Kernes: Legalization of coup-d’état the Kiev way is impossible

“I see the protests in Kiev as an illegal, systematic seizure of power,” was the comment of Kharkov Mayor Gennadiy Kernes to the German TV channel ARD in an interview today, January 28.

He noted that the opposition leaders, who already speak of themselves as the Maidan leaders, are not the authority for activists. Therefore, to legalize the seizure of power the way it was done in Kiev is impossible.

“I will answer as follows to the questions of who is behind the protests. I believe that this is orchestrated by a particular group of people, including the international community, who are committed to Ukraine’s approving a number of laws and changing the policy of the country to moving away from the Russian Federation,” said the city Mayor.

He also commented to the German journalists on rumors about the alleged split of the country. “I think that Ukraine is a single coherent state. And I do not see a divided Ukraine, I see a single Ukraine,” said Gennady Kernes.

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