Arbuzov can become the new Prime Minister of Ukraine

Sergey Arbuzov can become the new Prime Minister of Ukraine. According to the law, as the first Vice Prime Minister he is currently acting as the second person in the state.

The government meeting scheduled for January 29 is likely to be held by Arbuzov, the ex-head of the National Bank.

Meanwhile, People's Deputy Hanna Herman said that there is already the candidate for the post of head of the government: “There is a candidate. Not from the opposition. He is modern, professional, has a European outlook. He understands the serious challenges facing Ukraine. I will not mention the name because this could become a provocation. We offered the opposition to run a coalition government. I think this would have been right, but the opposition decided against this, they cannot take responsibility and they have to cope with it.”

Some media reported that the much touted by Herman candidate is precisely Arbuzov.

In 2011, Arbuzov was also tipped for the post of the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

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